An interactive advent calendar for 2013 that would entertain young kids, with beautiful illustrations and fun integrated mini games.

App Name: Binny’s Advent Calendar 2013
Category: Entertainment Apps for Kids
Price: $0.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Binny’s Advent Calendar 2013 by Binny Talib / Binny Illustration

Yay, Christmas is coming soon! Now, let’s have some Christmas countdown fun with the Binny’s Advent Calendar 2013 app! Designed by award-winning illustrator Binny Talib, it’s an interactive advent calendar especially designed for young kids (ages 2 to 6.) The gameplay begins with a streetscape, where kids can see some anthropomorphic animal characters as well as 25 red heart-shaped decorations hanging up on a line, with falling snow. The “hearts,” on which numbers from 1 to 25 are marked, are tappable of course, and once a “heart” is tapped, it’ll bring your kids into an uncluttered and cute scene where they can find a mini activity. For example, on December 1, kids will meet some silly snowmen that can sing, while a reindeer’s waiting to have her antlers decorated the next day. There are also some other games to play before Christmas comes, such as jigsaw and memory puzzles, singing birds, etc. Although it’s still November, my kids, who helped me test out the app, enjoyed the 18th activity: an old-fashioned wind-up gramophone with three records (festival songs) and two play modes to choose from. The illustrations of the app are absolutely beautiful, and I also like the fact that most of the sound effects are “real” – imitated by real people – and it’s a great way to amuse kids, especially the smaller ones.