A phonemic awareness app for young kids, with colorful graphics and playful elements that could keep them engaged.

App Name: Eat Salad! – Episode 1 of Pen Nochio
Category: General Education Apps for Kids
Price: $1.99/Free (actual price may vary)
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Eat Salad! – Episode 1 of Pen Nochio : Stories with interactive flashcards and increasing difficulty quiz that will teach your toddler to read using the synthetic phonics method by Mofables sp. z o.o.

There are currently three sections included to teach and entertain your kids: PLAY, LEARN, and MEMORIZE. The first section comes with a story starring a little kid named Pen who is a sort of picky eater. Also included in the PLAY section are some mini games and fun/funny animations. The LEARN section, however, is designed to help your kids manipulate phonemes in words by encouraing them to play letter and word recognition activities. The words available are simple and easy enough for small kids to memorize, e.g. “dad,” “mom,” “kid” and so on. The latter section, MEMORIZE, is a flsahcard quiz-like activity that helps reinforce the words available in the app. Besides the lively graphics and great animations, this app also has some cool entertaining elements that could appeal to young learners, such as the word machine which can produce word-bubbles when a correct answer is done. Overall, it is a nice language practice app for young kids (ages 2 to 5, I would say,) and it’s also a good language-building tool for kids learning English as a second language.

Developer syays: This educational app brings your toddler into the restaurant. You will meet our characters trying to have a meal. As Pen is not willing to eat, her mom and dad will do their best to convince her to do so. In addition to this story, you will have an opportunity to learn to read the whole bunch of very useful words and to learn phonemes. This is the first episode, so we will start with the basics.