Designed with the help of child development experts, Frenchie Draws is a dazzling creative app filled with endless art and learning fun.

App Name: Frenchie Draws by Bolder Games
Category: Educational Game App for Kids
Price: $1.99 (actual price may vary)
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Our Review of Frenchie Draws

Frenchie Draws is definitely a cleverly-designed art app for young kids. There are lots of drawing options for kids to choose from. Kids can color different sketches and draw anything they like on different background pages. It’s a unique app that can help kids develop their essential skills while inspiring their creativity; an array of different activities and games with great educational value are part of the drawing activity – your little artists can play games like mazes, dot-to-dot, spot-the-difference, hide-and-seek, etc. while cloring or drawing their masterpieces – Kids are also encouraged to draw, for example, their favorite snacks or design a food box. And of course, if your little artists feel hungry, they can taste the letter soup in the app to fill their stomach-abulary. This app is very easy for kids to use and the interface of it is intuitive. Moreover, you can easily save your kids’ artworks and share them with your family and frinds. So boys and girls, what will you draw and color on your breakfast plate in the app? Is your spoon going to be pink or purple? What? you want to know who Frenchie is? Well, he’s a piece of French toast and as your new friend, he will guide you through all the activities available in the app 🙂 P.S. My youngest thought Frenchie was cute, while I thought this bread-cutie looked very yummy, LOL!

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Now let’s welcome the developer Bolder Games, they also have some stories to share with you.

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– This is the very first app from Bolder Games. So how long did it take you to develop this app?
It took us about 6 weeks to develop the majority of this app. The Frenchie team was a small team but we all had extensive experience with other apps. It took us another 3 weeks or so to put the finishing touches and ship.

– This app contains a wide variety of activities, and what is your favorite activity?
My favorite activities are the “Find the Difference” activities. I remember playing theses when I was young in the newspaper but I was never able to find all the differences. I think they are a fun activity tailored for our young users that brings me back to my childhood.

– What is the coolest feature this art/creative app has?
The coolest feature is definitely all the options. Players have so many options that will keep Frenchie Draws fresh and exciting for a long time!

– Have you received any feedback from your users?
We have received lots of feedback! Users seem to enjoy the app and love the creative twist with the Breakfast Brigade. A lot of parents have reported that it keeps users engaged for hours. That was one of our goals so, we are happy to hear that!

– The Frenchie Draws app is awesome. Will we have a Frenchie series of apps?
Thank you! We are planning on releasing more apps in our series, “The Breakfast Brigade.” We are finishing up some final touches on our next app, “Match-It with OJ”. It is a card matching app with some fun twists, lead by OJ. Users can find OJ, the orange juice, in Frenchie Draws. Fans can check back with our Twitter (@boldergames) or Facebook ( for more info and sneak peeks!

– Anything else you’d like to add?
The team is also working on an awesome app targeting older players. I can’t share much yet but- it is golf in space with some awesome twists and I think users will be addicted. Between the twists and awesome 3D art, unlike any other apps, the team feels users will be very pleased!