Goodnight Mo is an adorable, sweet bedtime storybook app that’s perfect for small kids, with well-made interactive 3D pop-up scenes and soothing music/sound effects.

App Name: Goodnight Mo ~ 3D Interactive Pop-Up Book
Category: Story/Book Apps for Kids
Price: $2.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Goodnight Mo ~ 3D Interactive Pop-Up Book by StoryToys Entertainment Limited

This is an original beadtime story, not long but can gently send your little ones to bed. Little monster Mo says “goodnight moon, goodnight all” when night falls. Everyone is yawning and little Mo is ready for bed: he takes a bath, brushes teeth, and then goes to bed and falls asleep with his favorite lullaby, and of course, he has sweet dreams as well. Since this is a storybook app with text, it allows kids to read the story themselves or have the app read to them. And, as your toddlers (and preschoolers) read or listen to the rhyming story, they can tap on the animal characters and objects on the pages to get some interactive fun – the interactions, such as helping Mo brush his teeth, will help set up a bedtime routine instead of overstimulating the kids. I genuinely enjoyed the soothing music; I tested out this app before I wnet to bed one night and the musical elements included in the app made me feel relaxed. The graphics are beautiful and the sleepy sound effects and yawns the chacaters make sound very cute too 😀 I also like the voice of the narrator and the way he narrates – he absolutely knows how to read a bedtime story for kids! So in a word, if you’re looking for an interactive storybook app for bedtime that works, check out Good Night Mo!