An interactive house full of spooky characters and playful Halloween-themed games!

App Name: Haunted House ~ 3D Pop-Up Activity Book
Category: Fun Game Apps for Kids
Price: $1.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Haunted House ~ 3D Pop-Up Activity Book by StoryToys Entertainment Limited

Haunted House is a place where you’ll meet classic Halloween characters such as Frankenstein, Wilma the witch, and Uncle Drac the vampire, as well as some other creepy figures like zombies, mummies and ghosts. They are dying to play with you. But before you enter that spooky funhouse, you need to go through a forest packed with hidden pumpkins – hey, be careful, you may stumble upon zombies too! And now, you’re in the Haunted House so you can: dress up Jack O’ Lantern, make magic potions, whack floating ghosts on the Ghost Train, play Hide and Shriek, and more. The games are fun, engaging, and challenging (for some smaller kids, seriously.) Also, your little ones can earn Hallwoen badges along the way! My kids extremely fancied the potion making game; they giggled at the witch’s spell and liked to see her transformations. For me, I have to say that I completely fell under the spell of the stunning visual design of the potion making scenery. Another game my kids liked took place in the Uncle Drac scene; they deliberately woke up the sleeping vampire by doing the game “loudly” – the rule of the game here is to put up the Halloween decorations sneakingly, however :D. Moreover, this game book app offers two reading modes, Read to Me and Read it Myself. The overall design of the app is absolutely amazing; I really loved the 3D pop-up effects and the spectacular aniamtions, and the sound effects also impressed me a lot! The drawback? Well, the app contains in-app purchases for extra fun. Still, it’s an outstanding Halloween-themed app for (young) kids!