[Review + Interview] An engaging roleplaying game app for kids that involves fun educational mini games and entertaining activities.

App Name: Land of the Magic Stones
Category: Educational Game Apps for Kids
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Land of the Magic Stones by Every1plays

I personally like RPGs, and I do recommend the kids play such games because I believe kids can learn something positive and useful from the gameplay. My dear nephew for example, is a little RPG lover, who told me about two years ago that “you are a hero if you can complete the missions (of the games).” He’s proud of himself as he also added the words “I am a hero, always!” Is great for a kid? Absolutely yes; he got his problem solving and math related skills practiced and gained confidence with his success – and that’s what a non-violent, child-friendly RPG should be, isn’t it?

Land of the Magic Stones is one of the roleplaying games in question. The game lets your preschooler or kindergartner play as a sorcerer who needs to collect all the right ingredients to make magic stones so that he/she can gain the trust of a dragon who has a big stomach and then has the ability to restore the Kingdom of the Magic Stones to its former glory. To obtain the ingredients your little player needs to solve various puzzles in different locations in the app where he/she will meet some well animated characters. The puzzles and activities available involve great learning elements such as shape recognition, counting, logical thinking, creativity, and more, complete with increasing difficulty, nice and friendly voice over, and tappble hints.

I tested out this app with a little girl, who’s the daughter of one of my friends, and her quickly moving finger and giggles told me that this educational game app is suitable for both young boys and girls alike.

So overall, it’s a playful edutainment app for kids that is woth the download.

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Interview with developer Andre D’Avignon at Every1plays

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– We noticed this is your very first app. So how long did it take you to develop this app?
It took us about 4 months to develop and test the app. It was developed using the Unity engine.

– What is your favorite feature of this game app?
My favorite feature has to be the narrated instructions and audio book. I believe it makes it engaging for the children and also lets them play with autonomy instead of having a parent next to them reading instructions like most other apps.

– This game app contains various educational activities, and your favorite is…?
I have always been partial to quizzes… not going to mention the game shows I used to watch!

– What will kids learn through playing this game?
They will mostly learn problem solving skills that involve math, logic, puzzles. We keep them interested and entertained by providing increasing levels of difficulty.

– What age group would this game app suit?
Ages 3 to 6

– There’s also a lite version of the game app, which is free. So what’s the difference between them?
The lite version is an introduction to the game. It includes the beginning with the character selection then 2 activities from level 1. We did it so parents could get a feel for the app before purchasing the full version.

– Are you working on any new app for kids?
Depending on our success we are looking at a sequel of Land of the Magic Stones.

– Anything else you’d like to add?
We beleive that our app stands out by its quality and over 400 animations, the audio book and voiced instructions as compared to most kids apps. Hope you like it as much as we do.
Have a great day! It was nice chatting with you today.