Direct an orchestra “under the sea” or sing along with cute BabtTV characters “in the park,” the Musical Games & Rhymes app is world of musical fun.

App Name: Musical Games & Rhymes – by BabyTV, FOX International Channels
Category: Educational Game App for Kids
Price: $1.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Our Review of Musical Games & Rhymes – by BabyTV

BabyTV’s Musical Games & Rhymes app gives your kids a chance to show off their music talent. It currently offers two play modes to entertain your little musicians: ‘Do As I Do’ and ‘Band.’ ‘Do As I Do’ is a mode that encourages your kids to follow and repeat the sequence of lights and sounds, while the latter allows them to direct their own orchestral pieces. There are five classic rhyming songs to choose from, including the 1,2,3,4,5 number song, the alphabet song, hokey pokey, the old man, and every kid’s favorite, itsy bitsy spider. The game play is a bit challenging (for smaller kids) with great educational value, while the game control is very easy (yep, just to tap, tap, and tap.) This app has vibrant graphics to engage your little ones (with four diffrent “places” for your kids to select) and the option that allows kids to interact with the chubby characters, Pitch and Potch, adds a giggle trigger to the app as well. Overall, Musical Games & Rhymes is an engaging art game app for young kids especially those who love music, as well as a nice entertaining tool to help kids learn the sounds of different musical instruments.