A quality interactive book app to teach kids about frogs and how they really sound, with real-life audio recordings of the frogs built in.

App Name: Noisy Frog Sing-Along
Category: Story/Book Apps for Kids
Price: $3.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Noisy Frog Sing-Along by Dawn Publications

This app reminded me of the time when I was a samll kid. Me and my family spent our summer vacation in the countryside occasionally, where a relative of mine had a villa, and the little me who lived in the forest of concrete and steel would spend lots of time playing with everything I found interesting around me. I really enjoyed that; I gazed at the moving ants for hours, tried to catch flying insects like dragonflies and butterflies, and, of course, I did hear the frogs. The sad thing, however, was that I’d never caught one frog or toad, as they always disappeared from view when I tried to approach them. LOL. (OK kids, remember never try to get too close to a pond!) But now, with Noisy Frog Sing-Along, I can touch the little critters and even make them “sing!”

Noisy Frog Sing-Along is an interactive children’s book app about various frogs and the sounds they make. It’s a quality educational app that will fascinate both kids and their parents: the sounds of the different species of frogs and toads are not computer-generated but 100 percent real – the author of this book app, John Himmelman, is an expert in this field and he recorded all the sounds available in the app in person.

The author also narrated the book for your kids, with the word highlighting feature, which is perfect for kids just beginning to learn to read. He will read the text and immitate the sound each frog makes, encouraging young readers to mimic the “noises” along with him – this is what we call “Read to Me,” by the way – And of course kids are allowed to choose the“Read to Myself” mode to enjoy the book as well.

This app doesn’t contain boring, so-called interactive elements that will distract your kids’ learning, instead, it is enhanced with tappable fun that lets kids use their fingertip to exlpore what sound the frog on the page can make and how the frogs make their unique sounds, as well as carefully drawn illustrations of the different types of frogs that will not disappoint.

Moreover, there’s a mathing game within the app, which is a bit challenging for some (small) readers as it involves sound waves.

As a parent, I really appreciate the way the narrator, namely the author, reads the book, and the actual recorded frog and toad sounds included – my kids were amused and loved to copy the frog calls. I also like the additional content appended to the book app that offers fun facts about all the frogs featured in the app.

So in a word, Noisy Frog Sing-Along is a wonderful science app for kids, especially those  who love nature and have a great interest in amphibian species like frogs.