Based on the PBS Kids hit show Peg + Cat, this app immerse kids in an engaging musical world and lets them practice their math skills.

App Name: Peg + Cat Big Gig
Category: Educational Game Apps for Kids
Price: $1.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad

Peg + Cat Big Gig by PBS KIDS

Hooray, PBS Kids’ newest hit animated adventure series PEG + CAT is now alive on the iPad and Android devices! It’s an educational musical+math game app that helps kids (especially preschoolers) learn basic math concepts and skills by encouraging them to play and create music with Peg and her friendly friends. This app currently contains two sections: Big Gig and Sound Check. While playing “Warm-ups” melodies in the Big Gig section, kids can practice counting up and down by ones and twos, adding ones, and extending patterns. Also, kids can listen to oroginal songs from the animated series and watch Peg + Cat music videos in this section as well. The latter, namely the Sound Check section, is more entertaining and offers more creative activities for your little ones; it encourages kids to make music of their own, with different musical instruments and song loops, and fun backup singers like cheeping chickens. This interactive app is a great tool to help young kids improve their math skills, and would fascinate Peg + Cat fans and kids who love music too.