A swashbuckling adventure story for both boys and girls, with a treasure trove of entertaining in-story games.

App Name: Strangebeard – The Pirate Princess ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book
Category: Story/Book Apps for Kids
Price: $3.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Strangebeard – The Pirate Princess ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book by StoryToys Entertainment Limited

Strangebeard – The Pirate Princess is the latest release from StoryToys, an app maker adept at developing pop-up storybook apps for kids with stunning 3D visual effects. It’s an original story filled with tappable fun games and puzzles and vibrant illustrations, starring a little princess who disguises herself as a pirate to sneakily attend the Grand Pirate Party which involves her in a thrilling and fun-filled pirate adventure. The app offers three reading modes for your young readers to choose from, Auto Play, Read to Me, and Read it Myself, with professional audio narrations in four different languages – English, French, German, and Spanish.

And the interactive games and puzzles? Yep, they’re perfectly integrated into the 3D pop-up scenes which are part of this virtual book. The games will surely keep little people entertained: treasure map jigsaws, on-the-sea and under-the-sea treature hunting, prison escaping, a Fruit Ninja-like action, a fight against the one-eye sea monster, and more! All the interactive games included come with great quality animations, sound effetcs and background music, and some of the games also include funny elements that could make your kids laugh – e.g. try not to help Captain Peg avoid the obstacles when helping him hunt his treature and see what will happen 😀

Kids can also win cool themed badges by accomplishing the challenges and puzzles. And, oh, it looks like I forgot to tell you the name of the pirate princess. Her name is Isabel. This heroine has a parrot pal called Jack and will also come across a prince who thinks she’s amazing.

The drawback this book app has? Well, it’s a 36-page book and if I didn’t remember wrong I didn’t find the page numbers on the pages of the virtual book – not the 3D pop-up scenes. Still, I can’t deny it’s a well-made storybook app that would appeal to kids of all ages, especially those who love pirates.

So all in all, it’s a super cool interactive 3D pop-up storybook app that could make your kids read and play over and over again!

Developer says: Today Princess Isabelle, disguised as the feared pirate Strangebeard, sails into action with StoryToys’ latest release, Strangebeard: The Pirate Princess. Isabelle is a feisty heroine who leads readers on an action-packed pirate adventure bursting with games, puzzles and challenges to keep little treasure hunters entertained and enthralled all the way. With the help from readers, Isabelle scales cliffs, outsmarts Captain Peg and rescues a prince!