Learn ABCs in an entertaining way! Tap and see how a letter transforms itself into a cute clay animal!

App Name: Talking ABC
Category: General Education App for Kids
Price: $2.99 (actual price may vary)
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Our Review of Talking ABC by Jutiful

Talking ABC is an alpphabet learning app full of claymation fun. All 26 letters of the alphabet and the animals whose name begin with the same letter of the alphabet are made of colored clay, and the letters will transform into the corresponding animals with associated pronunciations when touched. Kids can simply tap on the play icon to enter this claymation world or let it “Autoplay.”

Also, there’s a game section to reinforce the alphabet learning, in which kids can find four activities: Letters, Animals, Funny Words, and Puzzles. The first two activities help kids identify the letters they’ve just learned, and the third one is designed to encourage kids to spell out some particular words or their names, while the latter is a jigsaw-like game with two difficulty levels to choose from.

What I like most about this alphabet app is that this app can storngly hold kids’ interest by offering top-notch claymation while helping them learn and practice their alphabet. My kids and my neighbor’s daughter love the quirky, adorable animals very much and find it fun to “investigate” which letter has the coolest transformation 🙂