Based on the popular 3D animated TV series, The Jungle Book: Fruit Dash! app is an addictive game app that would appeal to both kids and grown-ups alike.

App Name: The Jungle Book: Fruit Dash! by Budge Studios
Category: Fun Game App for Kids
Price: Free with IAP (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

About The Jungle Book: Fruit Dash!

The Jungle Book: Fruit Dash! is a tilt-to-catch game app that lets players help game charactrs catch fruit and avoid the monkeys by tilting the screen, performing acrobatic jumps, and using power ups.

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We haven’t reviewed this game app yet, but one of our staff just couldn’t get enough of the game play. Thus, we decided to contact the developer Budge Studios in the hope of finding out why this game is so appealing. See below:

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– What characters will players meet in this game app?

In our app, you can play as Mowgli, the main character, or Balloo, a sloth bear, who is Mowgli’s mentor.

– And your favorite feature of this game app is…?

Using those awesome power ups!  The main goal is to catch as much falling fruit as possible, while avoiding the monkeys who are trying to steal your fruit basket. The game has great special power ups like the fruit magnet, a monkey shield, slow-mo, and basket boost.

– Is this a game with educational value?

The simple “tilt control” gameplay certainly requires focus, fine motor skills, and timing. It’s also really wholesome fun – void of violence , and is fun for the whole family. It also introduces kids to the idea of score keeping, and trying to best ones previous scores. It’s done in a super simple way (like filling a banana counter at the end), so the lack of complexity in this game makes it more approachable to kids than some other games out there.

– What age group would this game app most suit?

We created this game to be playable by kids and kids at heart. In other words, we made sure that young fans of the show/story (as young as preschool) could play the game, but that it progressively gets more difficult, so that older kids and adults would find it challenging to master. That means that kids and their parents might be taking turns playing, which is a rare achievement!

– We noticed that this app is free with in-app purchases?

Yes, this app can be played completely for free without any restrictions. You can even get all of the upgrades for free by catching jungle dollars. For those who with to get the upgrades a but quicker, jungle dollars can be purchased

– Are you working on any new app for kids?

Of course! Budge Studios has a big catalog of kids apps, which expands almost every month. We work with great properties like The Jungle Book, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Chuggington, Caillou, and many others!

– Anything else you’d like to add?

We are honoured that you like our game! There is nothing more rewarding than hearing from kids and parents all around the world who enjoy them.