The prequel to the popular storybook app The Witch with No Name, revealing the secret of how the witch lost her name, with engaging educational in-story games.

App Name: The Little Witch at School
Category: Story/Book Apps for Kids
Price: $3.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

The Little Witch at School by SlimCricket

The Little Witch at School app is a charming blend of storytelling and educational games! In this app The Witch with No Name is a Chickenwich Elementary School student, who are going to be taking the witchery and wizardry examination with her elf friend as well as other little witches and wizards. Before finding out how the witch lost her name, your young readers need to help the lil witch complete the challenges through playing different educational games. The games are seamlessly integrated into the story with entertaining elements: completing a spider web masterpiece by solving some math problems, forming magic words by choosing correct letters, completing a sequence/logic puzzle in an ogre’s stomach so that the lil witch can retrieve the magical crystal balls… as well as a crucial inreraction where the lil witch and elf will meet a giant tree. The difficulty levels of the games are selectable, and readers can also easily tap the page selection tag in the upper left corner of the screen to access a particular page of the book app. Your little ones have two options to enjoy the story; let the app read to them, or read it by themselves. Moreover, a cricket finding game is available throughout the book app and there’s also a bonus ‘Surprise’ section to unlock. I really enjoyed the vibrant graphics, top-notch sound effects and music. And I also appreciate the fact that the story conveys a positive message about friendship. Overall, it’s a thought-out interactive storybook app that every kid would love.