A high quality interactive storybook app for kids! Once upon a time there was a witch who didn’t know her own name… Will you help her find her lost name by playing in-story games while reading?

App Name: The Witch With No Name
Category: Story/Book Apps for Kids
Price: $2.99/0.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone HD | iPhone

The Witch With No Name by SlimCricket

This is a magical adventure story about a nameless witch who tries to find her lost name. Along the way, kids need to help the witch collect all the ingredients for the potion that will reveal the name of the witch. Kids can read the story themselves or have the app read to them. Each page of this storybook app is filled with fun interactive elements (e.g. turning a person into an animal, finding hidden crickets, gathering fireflies amd so on,) and a blinking spot will appear and give a hint to your little readers if there’s an interaction available. While reading the story, kids will also encounter some mini games which will help further the plot, such as completing the portion introduction puzzle, getting a giant’s nose hair, moving the iPad/iPhone to play a compass game, etc. The whole app is wonderfully made; readers will not be disappointed by the graphics, animation, sound effects, music, or narrations, I promise. And there’s also a huge surprise waiting for your little ones at the end of the story – revealing the name of the witch! So in a word, this interactive storybook app is really amazing, I thoroughly recommend it!