A scary adventure in a vampire’s castle for kids! Dare you enter and have spooky fun with the things the vampire has?

App Name: Vampire – Kids Story Book aka Vampire’s Lair … If You Dare!
Category: Story/Book Apps for Kids
Price: $2.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Vampire – Kids Story Book aka Vampire’s Lair … If You Dare! by LivoBooks Publishing

This is a thrilling yet fun vist to a vampire’s castle. Kids will meet the owner of the dark place, Vladmir Von Splatter, who has yellow skin (wait a minute, aren’t all vampires’ skins pale white?) and hides his vampire-heart in a secret place. While reading the story with the word highlighting feature, kids will come across some spooky interactions such as a Mona Lisa puzzle with a hidden screaming surprise, tappable coffins with skeletons that can make tunes,etc. The graphics and animations, accompanied by screams and howls as well as carefully-produced sound effects throughout the story, look eerily amazing, It’s a cool vampire-themed storybook app. But I would only recommend parents with bigger kids (older than five or maybe six) try it, as my youngest was scared after being enticed to pet the supposed elegant vsampire-flower, which was later revealed to be a dreadful biter. And of course, if your little ones fancy such stuff, they would love the vsampire-flower biting interaction and will also find it cool to watch Vampire TV with Vladmir in the story. Additionally, there’s a feature that allows kids to make vampire-faces using their own photos. So overall, it’s a great Halloween gift for kids, especially those who are interested in mysterious things like vampires.