YAKiT is an easy-to-use entertainment app that will bring the whole family loads of laughter while inspiring creativity!

App Name: YAKiT – Make Your Photos Talk by Freak’n Genius
Category: Entertainment App for Kids
Price: Free (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPhone

Our Review of YAKiT – Make Your Photos Talk

We can’t wait to share this app with you today. It’s called YAKiT and we’ve been having fun with it for several weeks 😀  This is an easy-to-use app that can brng your photos to life with cool features; simply select a picture and highlight the mouth, then record your voice to make your very own animation. There are lots of options to help you make the animation. For example, you are allowed to change the voice pitch, add freaky funny talking characters, decorate with nicely-made props, special effects and animated eyes, mouths, etc. When everything is done, you and your kids can watch the animation instantly and can also save or share it. I really love this app; it brought the kids lots of laughter and is also a great tool to help them develop their creativity and storytelling skills. So your kids want their pet dogs to speak? With YAKiT their dreams can easily come true! Overall, YAKiT is absolutely a well-thought-out app for the whole family. I highly recommend you get this app, or it’s your loss 🙂

The only thing parents should notice is that this app also enables users to search the internet and Facebook for photos from within the app. (That’s why I gave it 4.5 stars)

And by the way, dear developer, we’re looking forward to having an iPad version, please 🙂

Developer says: Just speak to animate! YAKiT is a quick, simple, and fun app that turns your mobile device into a creative powerhouse, allowing you to create short animated videos from any photo to bring hilarity, laughter and creativity to your iOS device. It is similar to Toontastic in that it facilitates storytelling, is easy to use, and is a lot of fun! However, YAKiT is a lot less structured, allowing for more customization and ultimately more creativity.

We realize that creativity is a skill that everyone has, but too often it is not encouraged or developed. Our mission is to help create a generation of kids that don’t have to grow up feeling like they are not creative, but can solve problems imaginatively, and use creative thinking to develop important leadership abilities. YAKiT, our first step in that direction, has completely shattered the barriers to animation making it easier than ever for kids to share their ideas, personality and sense of humor through animation and a mobile device.