Come and interact with the animal friends and see what emotional reactions they’ll give you!

App Name: Avokiddo Emotions – Playful learning for kids
Category: Educational Game App for Kids
Price: $1.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Our Review of Avokiddo Emotions – Playful learning for kids

Avokiddo Emotions is a fun, open-ended way to help children gain emotional awareness.

The gameplay goes like this: kids first select one animated animal (there are three animals to choose from: a sheep, zebra and giraffe, each with its own personality) and then use different items falling down onscreen to interact with it and see what emotional reactions it will have. The animals will show kids a dozen of realistic facial expressions and/or different types of body language while kids are feeding them, dressing them up, or playing toys with them.

This app is very easy to use and the interface of it is intuitive. There’s also an option to save the funny moments as pictures and the number of the interactive items is adjustable.

I like the sound effects and find it fun to trigger the items that have hidden surprises. Although I hate to use the word “fun” repeatedly, I have to tell you that my kids couldn’t stop giggling while playing with this fun app!