A fun original story filled with cool interactions and spectacular 3D effects. Come and help Alex solve the mystery of his giant snack gone missing.

App Name: Sneak a Snack
Category: Story/Book App for Kids
Price: $2.99/$0.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad | iPhone

Our Review of Sneak a Snack

In the story, kids will meet the very hungry boy, Alex, as well as his three pet friends, a cat, a hamster and a parrot. Alex makes himself a huge, mouth-watering snack after school but later it mysteriously splatters everwhere in the kitchen. Who on earth did this when he’s away? The cat, the hamster, the parrot, or…??? Well, tap on the pages and find out the real offender yourself.

The vibrant illustrations are perfectly immersed in a fully 3D environment with top-notch animations, cool interactions and great sound effects. Kids can not just interact with the characters and objects by tapping on them but also tilt the iPad or iPhone to experience the 3D world better and have extra fun.

My kids were blown away the moment the story began. The little ones got a magic wand to turn the school bus into a spaceship to make Alex’s wish come true, and found it fun to press the shining button to speed up the spaceship-bus! And of course, they loved interacting with the animals too.

All in all, Sneak a Snack is a really cool interactive storybook app for kids. Highly recommended!